I was responsible for the environment, characters, and props design of the project. 
We have an ambitious idea to bring back the notorious villains from Far Cry 3, 4, and 5 to our players. 
We want to create a chance for players to explore their favorite character's inner worlds, and know more about these characters.
After lots of brainstorming meetings. We decided to focus on the Surrealism concept as the inspiration for our direction of world-building, story, visual design, and gameplay. 
I am very proud that we finally achieved this challenge, and the feedback from countless players has greatly encouraged our team!

Due to a confidentiality agreement with Ubisoft, I didn't have access to my design works, until it was released publicly by Ubisoft.
However, please check out the trailer below, our works in every frame!
DLC #1 Vaas: Insanity


DLC #2 Pagan: Control


DLC #3 Joseph: Collapse


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